MaxMinimalist is about exuding maximum passion for the minimal aesthetics and sense for all things.

Why should I trust your recommendations?

Our criteria is stringent and we only select and showcase products that have something special about them, something you can’t do if you are just checking boxes like other sites do. “Less is better” is our mantra when looking for items to showcase. We rather show you a short list of quality items, than try to rack up affiliate commission with long lists like other sites do, making it hard for you to choose the right one as a consumer.

These are the same things we would recommend if a friend or family asks for recommendations, and the same things we would buy for ourselves. More often than not, we would already have spent our own money and used the recommended items for years before writing about it. And because we have done so, we know what you are looking for when you are searching for that perfect one thing.

Our recommendations are made through relentless curation and deep research. We often based our selection principles on Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Good Design. In practice, here are a few of the principles we follow;

Good design makes a product useful

The product must make sense for the needs of the consumer. Like if you needed a bag to travel around the world, we wouldn’t recommend a bag that had less than 30l capacity.

Good design is aesthetic

No matter how innovative or functional a product is, it has to look good. Because it matters. Our insightful selections by our designed-trained writers help you find what need for ultimate simplicity.

Good design is long-lasting

While aesthetics plays a big part in our selection process, being durable enough to last you the years you need to show off the aesthetic is as important. We look, compare and evaluate carefully the materials, craft and overall reliability of the makers.

Good design is as little design as possible

This is probably sparked the beginning of this site and it is this principle that made us realize very few products that are truly minimal, despite many claiming to be. The products here will often show little to no branding. We usually keep to a complete black or white color palette as those are the most versatile colors you can have.