What is onebagging? A lot of us think it’s about packing everything you have into one piece of luggage. Like how minimal aesthetics contributes to part of minimalism, the one bag is just part of a much bigger movement. Onebagging is a way of life which starts with a mindset of having less.

Onebagging has its roots in travel, where the essence is packing only what you need. Like this site’s values, it’s about having less but higher quality things that you love. With that ideal in mind, this list aims to bring you the best travel bag for onebagging.

Our requirements are as follows

  • You should be able to live permanently out of your one bag, therefore the bags should have a capacity of above 30l.
  • Backpacks only. We feel that you cannot move around reasonably well in sling bags.
  • It should be low profile and black to avoid unwanted attention when travelling.
  • Seeing you all your precious things will be in it, it should be durable enough to last you years and years, through all seasons and calamities that come your way during your journey. That means a focus on build and quality and inclusion of features like water resistance.

REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack

This versatile pack from Rei is the right size to pack all your gear and still be able to carry it onto a plane. You can open this bag flat, which makes things easier than a top-loading bag. There is a beautiful muted black version for that understated look we love so much. This is one of the best bag you can get at the price point.

Aer Travel Pack

We love how it looks so sleek with clean lines and balanced aesthetics. Completely black with compression straps to reduce unnecessary bulge, Aer goes further by having no external branding for that extreme low profile. There are dedicated compartments efficient packing, like a unique shoe compartment that separates your grimy footwear from other things.

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

This backpack looks almost like it was made to replace specifically the rolling suitcases. It combines the best of both worlds, the ease of movement you find in a backpack and an organization system that lets you be OCD all you want.

GoRuck GR2 or GR3

This beast of a bag is has been on every onebagger’s dream list. This water-resistant and nearly bomb-proof bag is made from one of the strongest fabric you can find. Fashioned after Special Forces medical rucks, this is a big and tough bag that efficiently organizes your stuff. The recently released GR3 pushes the limit for TSA size carry-on requirements and is that largest bag for your world travel needs. You can truly travel forever with just one bag and you can even send it back for repairs for the rest of bag’s lifespan under GoRuck’s Scars program. We at MinMinimalist love the completely black look, down to details like the stitches and front MOLLE system.

Tortuga Setout

The Setout travel backpack packs like a suitcase and carries like a backpack. Another one from Tortuga makes it onto the list, because of just how awesome their bags are. Designed to be not just be ultra simple looking, but also highly functional.

CabinZero Classic

The Classic CabinZero is the original zero-hassle travel bag. For planes or trains, under the seat or on the back of a camel, it’s perfect for whatever adventure throws at you. This is a backpack that’s as well-travelled as you are, and probably one of the most affordable option on this list.

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