Best Minimalist City Daypack

For something that is on your bag when you are on the move, you need one that holds your essentials but don’t steal the attention away from you.

Best Minimalist Black Leather Sneakers

After our well-received white list, we felt that we couldn’t do without a black leather sneaker list for the purists out there.

Best Minimalist Mobile Phones

It’s with you all the time. But sometimes it should feel like it isn’t. These aim to take you back to a time where things were much simpler, when your phone helps you free up time, instead of taking it away from you.

Best Minimalist Black Watches

How nice a watch do you need to tell time? If a watch stands out more than you, is it worth wearing? We picked ones that are meant to blend in and become part of you, rather than overshadow you like most watches try to do.

Best Minimalist Travel Pants

The traveler usually pack one, at most two pairs of pants into their one bag. That’s why it matters that those are the best pants you can get. They should last you through all the elements and still look sleek and minimal to avoid unwanted attention.

Best Bags for Minimalist Onebagging Travel

Onebagging is a lifestyle that urges you to travel with what you truly need. And you need a bag to contain all your important possessions. In this list, we introduce the most beautiful and durable bags for all your onebagging needs.

Best Plain Black Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Every man should have a couple of black t-shirts in their rotation. Hassle-free and something that you are not afraid to dirty with food or wine. Black t-shirts are easy to match with jeans and is an essential no matter your age.

Best Minimalist Wallets

Those so-called minimalist wallets have non-essential and gimmicky features, bad sense in materials and color matching. This list will bring you back to the essence of minimalistic aesthetics in your pocket.

Best 9 Minimalist White Leather Sneakers

After considering nearly three dozen so-called minimalist sneakers, we picked Common Projects Achilles Low for its timeless design and street cred as the best choice for the cleanest pair of premium white sneakers you can put on.